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3 Top Things To Consider When Buying a Fort Worth Home

Thursday, November 8, 2012   /   by Cherié Bell

3 Top Things To Consider When Buying a Fort Worth Home

It's very exciting to buy a home, it may be your first home or perhaps you have owned a home before, either way it's a very big deal!  As you think about the "Wants" and the "Must Haves" on your list there are 3 top things to consider when buying a Fort Worth home, for example.....

1. Consider your budget…..do you have money put aside to pay for the down payment and closing costs that you will need to purchase a home?  Interest rates are still at historic lows and because of that you can buy a nicer home for less money however most people will need a minimum of 3.5% to 5% of the sales price as your down payment. How much down payment you will need is dependent on what type of mortgage you qualify for; there are some special programs such as VA, USDA and HUD that allow for a smaller down payment, ask your Realtor to explain these programs to you. Also consider that you may need the funds to pay your own closing costs which typically run 3%-5% of the sales price and include your lender expenses, fees, title expenses, etc. There are times when the Seller may be able to assist you with some of your closing costs but it will expand your choice of homes to choose from if you can pay your own closing costs expenses.

2.  Consider your future needs, as well as your today needs…..the national average for time spent living in a home is 7-years.  You may however be living in your next home for 7 to 10-years or longer, so think long term when considering what you need.

3.  Consider your motivation…..why now? Do you have a strong desire or pressing need that is prompting you to buy a home in the next few weeks or months that did not exist previously?  

Identify your budget, needs and motivation -- knowing the answers to these 3 considerations will help you be prepared as you look for the home that best meets your needs, today and in the coming years. With that done now reach out and connect with an excellent buyer’s agent to assist you in finding and buying the right home!  We are here to help make your dream of homeownership come true for you today!

Now that you have factored these 3 top things to consider when buying a Fort Worth home into your list you are ready to get going!